Who we are

It all began in 1960 by Carmine Ruocco, a craftsman of handmade shoes and sandals, who taught his son Vincenzo Ruocco all the secrets of the trade. After his death Vincenzo continued this beautiful art, passing it on to his son Lorenzo who carries on the family tradition.
Nanà personally designs her styles but makes use of the collaboration of the best Italian laboratories and each of them contributes with their own labor to the creation of the sandal. Nanà will be able to advise you best and will set the stones of your choice herself. You will be part of a small artisan masterpiece ready in a few tens of minutes.
The first phase takes place in the choice of leather in the best tannery in Tuscany. Nanà only buys natural leather, of the highest quality, free of chemical treatments... in fact, small imperfections on the sole ensure its authenticity precisely because we know the skin of the animal can have small streaks or veins on some parts. The leather is shaped to the sole, which is cut and sewn in one of the best sole factories in Campania. The part above the sandal is real calfskin, also from Tuscany. Nanà prefers to use satin leather for her jewel sandals. It has a particular workmanship that makes it particularly elegant, soft and shiny, in fact it is slightly glittered.
The jewel part is completely made of brass. Its creation is entrusted to expert Neapolitan masters who hand-weld each individual setting and the very small stones to create the various shapes. Then we proceed with its coloring which can be either gold or silver. This is one of the phases where Nanà clearly stands out from the crowd. In fact, its coloring is carried out in Vicenza in one of the best galvanic plants, which guarantees the use of hypoallergenic baths.